Game Name : Ruboku-X

Game Genre : Puzzle

Difficulty : Difficult


Game version No. : v2.0

Operating Systems:

Android version 9 or later

Available for download from Google Play Store Ruboku-X - Apps on Google Play

Price : Free


Web platform

Available to try/play from ?



Overview of Game : A cross between the Rubiks Cube and Sudoku-X. Change numbers so that each row, column, diagonals and 3x2 grids on the front face each contain the numbers 1-6.

The idea is to rotate the rows/columns of cubes until the number you want shows on the front face of a particular cube and then "touch and hold" to LOCK. Once locked it will not rotate.
If you are not quite sure about locking at any stage, simply "short touch" to highlight a number. You can deselect and unlock in the same way.
There are 9 levels increasing with difficulty but each level has 1000's of different games.
Your SCORE will be calculated on completion of each game, determined by the number of clues used, your moves total and time, highest score best.

Good Luck