Game Name : Memory Cubes

Game Genre : Puzzle

Difficulty : Starting easy then progressively more difficult

Game version No. : v2.2

Operating Systems:

Android version 9 or later

Available for download from Google Play Store MemoryCubes - Apps on Google Play

Price : £1.19 UK pounds


Web platform

Available to try/play from ?



Overview of Game : Find pairs of matching animal pictures.

You have a choice of themes, Farmyard animals or Jungle animals, all with optional animal sound effects.

Genuine 3D memory game. Each cube has 6 faces and each cube face hides its own picture.
Touch the front cube face to reveal a picture, then touch another to try to get a matching pair.
Correct matches will replace the selected pictures with a ticked image.
Non matching picks will revert back to "?" but try to remember them to get a match later.

Touch arrowed balls to rotate a row or column of cubes in the direction of the arrow to get access to more cube faces.

In all levels you need to find 27 pairs.
Level 1 has 2 sets of pairs of 13 different animals plus 1 pair of a further animal making 27 pairs in total.
Level 2 has 27 pairs of different animals
Level 3 has 27 pairs of different animals but cube faces are all greyed out.

Music and SFX sound levels can be independently adjusted by touching the purple sound buttons.

If your score is low enough you will be prompted to add your name in the low score tables record.

A new game or level can be started during a game by touching the "HOME" button.

Enjoy trying to identify the animals by sound and picture and of course improve your memory.

Good luck, and have fun.