Game Name : MarbleMan

Game version No. : v2.2

Operating Systems:

Android version 9 or later

Available for download from Google Play Store MarbleMan - Ninja Theme - Apps on Google Play

Price : £0.59 UK pounds


Web platform

Available to try/play from ?


Overview of Game : Guide MarbleMan home through the maze before his house burns down.

.... but in his way, depending on level, bottomless holes and ninja death stars. Collisions with either will lose a life.

The ninja death stars roam the area using both a random and A.I approach to track you down.

The bottomless holes however can be used to your advantage, because if the death star should collide with one, it will freeze for a few seconds, giving you a slight reprieve from being chased.

There are 21 levels increasing with difficulty but each level has 1000's of different mazes so it is unlikely that you will play the same game twice.

Touch the arrow symbols to move MarbleMan in the direction chosen.