Ruboku-X: A cross between the Rubiks Cube and Suduko-X. Change numbers so that each row, column, diagonals and 3x2 grids each contain the numbers 1-6.
Remove ALL small squares by sliding rows/columns to obtain 4 sqaures in the center all of the same colour.
Guide MarbleMan home through the maze before his house burns down. .... but in his way, depending on level, bottomless holes and death stars. Collisions with either will lose a life. Trial Version: levels 3 & 15 only.
The app starts with a Summary page showing coins collected/needed. Detail allows filtering of coins by denomination or year where the collected status can be changed with a short tap. Slide pages up/down. NOTE: this web trial will not save changes after leaving.

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Note: Galatea is built on the latest version of the Gantry 5 Framework.