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Touch the cube front faces to reveal animal pictures. Try to reveal all 27 matching pairs.

Improve your memory by trying to remember which cube and which cube face holds the animal you are looking for.

Have fun trying to identify the animals by both picture and sound.



Slide rows or columns of squares to get 4 of the same colour in the middle 2x2 square. These 4 squares will then be removed.

Repeat until all squares have been removed, trying to beat the best move score.

A "DEMO" level has been included where 1 solution is provided if you follow the finger movements.

After this the initial level is quite easy but then getting more difficult.


Alien SuDiceThru-Xtreme

Complete a 6x6 grid with numbers 1-6, selected by dice throws, so that each row, column, diagonal and 3x2 sub-grid all contain the numbers 1-6..

Logical, funny and sometimes frustrating if the aliens keep abducting your numbers.



Solve a pattern of hidden shapes and colours by selecting correct shapes of correct colour in the correct sequence.

Starts off quite easy but gets more and more difficult as the levels increase. An ideal tool for increasing logical thinking. 


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Flag SuDiceThru-X

Select 6 flags from a choice of 30 with the objective to complete a 6x6 grid, selected by dice throws, so that each row, column, diagonal and 3x2 sub-grid all contain the images of the chosen flags

Learn to recognise flags from countries from all over the world and at the same time have fun in trying to successfully complete a difficult logical puzzle.


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Premier League Football SuDiceThru-X

Select your favourite Premier League club to try to win the league title.

The computer will pick an initial 5 additional clubs for you to play against in the main SuDiceThru grid.

Additional mini-grids will be played by the computer at the same time using the remaining clubs.

After each dice throw you are required to mouseclick a square in the main grid to place the team rolled. The other mini-grids will be played by the computer and after the teams have been placed, the league table will adjust to represent your current position, games played and points total.

The objective of the game is to complete the grid correctly, try to get as many points as possible for your team and to try to make teams above you in the league table get as few points as possible.


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